Esocial's Condition Study Section

Before you do any request and submit your Blog details to us, please read all this whole page. We don't want any report abuse or copyright etc happening, we want respect all the original sources, images, content, widget etc. Meanwhile, at the same time we also want you respect us, we welcome your Blog promoting at whole content on our Blog, and we also want you to promote our Banner, Button and Link (one of them) at your blog too.

eSocial's Condition
You must used one of our Link, Banner etc on your Blog before we add your Blog to our Blog. Your donate is important to us since we are do all FREE OF WORK, thank for your support. Your blog content must meet our requirement and criteria, we will reject any content with adult, sex, racism or any illegal activity. Your blog content article must be own writing and original.

eSocial's Link Us
You must used one of our below "Link Back Us" at your Blog (any placement also allowed) before do any submission, then used this "Submit" form to let us know which URL you are placed us at. (Just select one of them only)

eSocial's Privacy & Policy
* You are agree to display your contacts such as your Name (on blog author), contact us link, social link's,   social badges, and/or your logo, trademark, slogan.

* Your agree to that your Social Badges, Widgest will display your latest message from socials, together with your fans, friends etc.

* Your name, contact, email address, blog name, blog url, rss feeds, social link and badges etc, logo images, html, java script code send to us are taken by your own responsiblity, and you understand that we do not sold your contact to any third party and illegal activity.

* You are understand all the info, link, text, images, logo, trademark, badges display on our eSocial's Blog is for promoting purpose only.

* eSocial's reserved the privacy and policy for future changing, deleting etc.

* Your blog content should be original article without any copy and paste from other. And the content should not contains any illegal stuffs, activitity, ads etc.

eSocial's Terms & Condition
* Your sincerely donate support not mean we will accept/approved your Blog Submit if it blog content not meet our requirement.

* We will not accepted any illegal blog content, or the content just have Ads without article writing, or just affiliate link/banners etc, and your blog should not contain any adult, sex, racism, political view etc.

* We will remove/reject/cancelled your submission no matter you whether have donate or not if it failure to meet our required criteria.

* You are not allow given us any iframe code purposely display your Contextual Ads.

* We do not accepted any blog content which contain the language we not allow. We only support for English, Chinese, Bahasa.

* You must agree we will not help you transate any text or words for your submission if contain Non-English Blog Name, Title, Type Of Work, Description. Do yourself translate before submit to us.

* Your blog description sending to us should not be your original meta description. Please write other description which related meaning and purpose on your this blog.

* Your given Title, Industry, Categories, Type Of Works should be unique, we will set it as pending (not post to our eSocial's) until we sending you the email to correct it.

* You are agree your email address, blog url is valid and working, and we will reject your application if your contact details are not work and invalid.

* We will not accept/agree/approve your RSS, HTML, JavaScript contain Contexual Ads Code which direct display on our Blog Content.

* All link, html image etc we will put for "_blank" for new window browser, so the visitor's are still stay on our Blog.

* You must put our Link Back To Us banners, button and text link at your blog before do any submission to us.

* You are understand we will checking your blog by daily, monthly and yearly to make sure you still have stay with us by our "Link Back To Us"

* You are agree to accept this Term Of Social Exchange Link (backlinks) at between blog.

* eSocial's reserved all the terms and condition by future with notice change/edit/delete/replace from here.

eSocial's Allowed
* We accept any blog which contain the original article
* We accept the blog only contain the language of English, Chinese, Bahasa.
* The email address, blog url are valid and work and can be reach for contact.
* The blog with own original writing without copy and paste
* The blog are not contain any dangerous code installing.
* Accept for RSS, HTML, JavaScript Code, and Links
* We are accept your link and html code etc are open for your valid destination url.

Understand with all the Condition and agree of them. Please Click Here For Submit Blog and Donate

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