Esocial's Frequently Ask Question - FAQ Section

eSocial's try to provided as much question and answer which you can meet up at our eSocials Online Blogger's Community. And we will time to time update our F.A.Q section when it is needed.

Do You Instant Update/Post My Blog Once I Have Make Donate And Blog Submission?
Depend, if your content is meet up our requirement, and information all is correct as we request. Please go "Condition" page for more info.

How Long My Blog Will Listing At Your eSocial's
If all is ok, it will taken 48 hours to 72 hours for listing. We will review all your blog submission by human and checking your blog before we add it to our list.

Will You Notify Us Any Pending On Submission Or Post?
Yes, so please provided us the correct and valid work email address for any work need to correct and post.

If I No Make Donate To You, Will You Still Accept My Blog Application?
eSocial's is FREE community on work for all Blogger's, but your sincerely support and sponsor is needed for us.

How Do I Make Donate For You?
You can donate through the paypal, credit card, debit card to our Paypal Account.

If you want register one Paypal account click here.
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

What The Basic Requirement For Blog Content Before Do Submit?
As long as your blog content, link etc are not containt any illegal activity, sexl, adult, racism, political view, or blog have install any dangerous code such as malware. All the blog submit we will human review and checking for approving.

If My Blog Is Reject Can I Resubmit?
Yes, you can resubmit the same blog again, as long as your blog content you have change to avoid our TOS, Privacy etc

If you want submit your other blog, please submit with other new profile through "Submit Blog". We will follow by your name and your blog name.

When I Want Resubmit My Blog For Listing, Do I Need Make Donate Again?
If you are submit "SAME BLOG NAME/URL", that not need again. You everytime submit the new blog we need take time to reivew and checking, so your donate for new blog is frequently to support us, thank.

Will Your Blog Accept For Iframe?
Yes, but do not contain any contexual ads such google adsense or any other ads network or just affiliate code

Can I Send The HTML, JavaScript, Banner Code Which Are Not In My Blog?
No, all must valid url destination to your blog, and we not accept any affiliate etc link to your joining or promoting third party program.

How Do I Contact You For More Information?
We prefer you used the form we provided you at "Submit Blog" Section. We will reply you once receive your submit, and you will get our this Blog Author Official Email for reject or approved or request resubmit.

Where Can I Get Know More About You?
Yes, you can follow with us at Facebook Fans Community or Personal Facebook
1.) Business Card Advertisement On Facebook Fans Community
2.) Rmake Printing On Facebook Fans Community
3.) Ric Webmaster On Facebook Fans Community
4.) eSocial's Blog Author On Facebook - Ric Ristianny Chow
5.) Uglymen's On Facebook Fans Community

Do You Have Other Social's Which We Can Following You?
Yes, you can get know more about us at the following online social's
Ric Ristianny Chow On Twitter

What Is Mean "Link Back To Us" You Mention, What Is The Function, Benefits, Purpose?
While when we are FREE listing your blog at our eSocial's, at the same time we also want you accept our TOS and Condition to LINK BACK TO US at your blog, this we can called traffic exchange or social network relationship. It also is general legal online relationship.

If I Not Accept/Insert/Display Your "Link Back To Us", Will My Blog Listing At Your eSocial's?
NO, we do not post and listing your blog if you not agree used our "link back to us" one of banner, button, text link at your blog.

Where Should I Place Your Link Back To Us At My Blog Position?
We are ok you place anywhere on your main page and sub page such as "About Us", "Sponsor" etc. As long as you must provided us the URL where you insert us at your blog. We will check this Blog URL for daily, monthly, and yearly.

Why Blog Have Been Taken Down After You Have Post?
If your blog been taken down by our eSoial's Official, mean you are either break up our TOS, Condition. Or at the same time you taken down the "Link Us" at your blog too.

Can You RE-POST My Blog Again After Taken Down?
No, if your blog content is not suitable what we mention on our "Condition Page".

Will You Taken Down My Blog Listing In Future?
No, we will FOREVER list your Blog at our eSocials, so we also want you link back to us forever at your blog too.

Will You Sold My Contact Details To Third Party, Or Do Any Illegal Activity Such As For My RSS Link?
No, we only want all global blogger's link into one online community, and tell everybody what the blog business and solution you are provided.

If My Blog Not Contain English Content, Will Do You Accept Our Blog Submission?
We only accept 3 language at the moment, if you are other language, then sorry we cant accept for the moment.

What The Blog Content Language You Are Accepted At Moment?
We only accept English, Chinese, and Bahasa only for moment.

There is FREE To Submit My Blog On Your eSocial's Blogger's Listing?
YES, eSocial's Blogger's Community is FREE OF WORK. Just your donate support and sponsor.

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